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Are you getting your kids in the kitchen for only one reason…… eat a meal?  What better way to get them connected to the fun, creative, and learning aspects of food than giving them their very own space in the kitchen!  As parents, we give kids their own space for toys and clothing in their bedroom, and many kids have additional space in the family room to store their video games and books.  But just as important and valuable for life-long learning and health is to give kids their very own kitchen space to store their very own kitchen gadgets, utensils, and doodads.  Be careful not to think of it as another “junk drawer”, but a place where kids can begin a collection of tools, then learn how to use them right alongside you in the kitchen. The fun and learning continues as you find new kitchen tools at the grocery store, kitchen store, and even consignment shops or garage sales.  Kids will be excited and the next step will naturally be learning how to prepare and cook food.

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