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Being invited to do a pre-show presentation at the recent Let’s Read. Let’s Move. event on July 9th, I had the opportunity to watch as Olympian, Michelle Kwan read with enthusiasm and entertained about 200 Washington D.C. school children. This popular event is hosted at the U.S. Department of Education and encourages children to read, move and stay active continually throughout the summer to keep their reading skills strong, bodies healthy, and keep curious minds busy and learning. After Michelle read the entertaining story Can I Play Too? By Mo Willems, I had the opportunity to ask her thoughts on reading and of course food.

Let's Read Pic

Michelle shared “In the summertime I moved a lot. I was training 4-5 hours a day. In between I would pick-up a book and read. My take home message to parents is that it’s important to have a healthy and active lifestyle as well as learn how to read and pick up a good book.”

Michelle’s Favorite Snack of Olympians: “Baby carrots, and sugar snap peas.”
Michelle’s Favorite Veggies: “Brussel sprouts and spinach.”
Michelle’s Favorite Indulgence food: “Cheese!”
Michelle’s Favorite Book: Can I Play Too? By Mo Willems

Michelle 2

Michelle added how she loves coming in front of an audience of children and shared, “When talking to little kids and when they see me, they’re seeing real people. And those dreams they have of becoming a firefighter, or a doctor, they’re seeing it’s actually possible, by exercising and working hard to make dreams come true!” Olympian Michelle Kwan sure did!

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