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First Family PortraitTomorrow First Lady Michelle Obama will be hosting the second Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. One winner from each state will be attending with their parent to a fun-filled day featuring a luncheon of the winning recipes, entertainment by Rachel Crow and a tour of the White House gardens. The First Lady has been successful bringing forth the Let’s Move! initiative which aims to help solve the problem of childhood obesity and she has been instrumental in bringing improvements to school cafeterias, classrooms, and the food industry. Working together and teaching children positive steps and choices at a young age is vital. With the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, The First Lady is focusing on what children can accomplish in their own homes with the help, support, and while working alongside their parents. This competition gets children excited about being in the kitchen and seeing the positive outcomes of working with food. Giving children the time to explore in the kitchen encourages them to set goals of trying new recipes and healthy eating. Cooking in the kitchen also provides additional opportunities for learning and integrates core-curriculum such as: vocabulary development, reading comprehension, problem solving, math estimation, fraction practice, science, and so much more. That is the goal of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook, too! Follow the action on Facebook.
“The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake.”
- First Lady Michelle Obama at the Let’s Move! launch on February 9, 2010

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Visalia Home Show – Cook-Off for Kids!

Hey we’re kicking off all the excitement of the upcoming Cook-Off for kids in Visalia, California on September 22nd.  For the past five years the Visalia Home Show has dedicated the entire Saturday to finalists showing off their cooking skills to the community.  A fantastic opportunity for kids of all ages to showcase their favorite, healthy creations with food.  Kids simply enter their recipe on-line, and a team of chefs lead by Chef Don Waddell, head of the Culinary Program at the Institute of Technology in Clovis, California, will choose finalists for two age brackets.  The finalists will actually have an “Assistant Chef” from the Institute to stand by them and assist them for the final competition.  If you live close to central California, get your kids to join in the fun now.  Cooking competitions are fun,  mouth-watering, and rewarding (lots of great prizes).  Kids love to be creative in the kitchen and this is a perfect time to inspire their creativity  Learn more:


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National Nutrition Month

Yeah! March is National Nutrition Month. This is the perfect time to introduce our newest cast member on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! Meet our “Rapping MyPlate.”  Created just for kids, a twist on the recent release of latest USDA Nutrition Guidelines, MyPlate, which is “ a simple reminder for healthy eating.” Our rapping MyPlate is sure to engage and educate kids in a fun, innovative way that will definitely catch their attention. Stay tuned as we’ll be featuring contests this year to name our newest cast member, and write some new lyrics for him to rap on the show. “The USDA hopes that MyPlate becomes YOUR plate”. Check out a glimpse of our rapping MyPlate at:

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our chefs (big and small), across America!  We are so excited about a ton of new changes to our upcoming season of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!   Every episode will bring more exciting changes and updates.  You’ll be thrilled to meet our rapping “myplate”, who cleverly buzzes his nutrition info to kids in a way that will captivate them.   And only Farrah can maneuver her way back into every home with her adorable charm and expression teaching those essential manners that parents and grandparents usually instill.  I can’t wait for you to meet our newest cast members from different corners of California.  And you’ll definitely want to pick out some of the ingredients at the supermarket  for a family cooking night and try one of the latest recipes.  Keep your eyes posted on the web for numerous updates, shared healthy eating ideas, contests, and more!  2012 is going to be a great year!

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Guest what fans?

Guess what fans?  Hey Kids! Let’s Cook is now airing nationally!  I am so thrilled to start cooking in your kitchen and kitchens across the United States.  Our cast is ready to share recipes that not only gets kids excited to eat, but will also teach them life- long skills to stir up fresh  and healthy foods in the kitchen.  And, we want to hear what kids are eating in their homes too.  You will meet fun new friends like Farrah, who will keep you laughing and giggling with her tips on manners.  You’ll also meet Emma, who will take you on fun trips and answer all your questions about how food is grown, picked, packaged and travels to the supermarket where you shop.  Keep an eye out for our newest character, the rapping “myplate,” who will teach everyone how to fill a healthy and wholesome plate for any meal.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Today’s the big day!   Auditions for the 6th Season of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Are you bringing in your little foodie to join in the fun?  Here’s what Ilianna says about the show, “I love being a cast member on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! because it’s so much fun!  I’ve learned so many new foods and recipes, and made so many wonderful friends.  One thing I’ve learned is how to level foods when it’s in the measuring cup.  I absolutely love to cook because it’s so much fun to learn, make, and eat our new recipes.”

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Do your kids love to cook, love to talk about cooking, and know the names of basic kitchen ingredients and kitchen tools?  This is exciting news about our upcoming auditions for Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Currently our cast members are from all over the state of California including Visalia, Napa, and Sacramento.   The award-winning series is now beginning filming its sixth season with 16 brand new episodes.   The show airs throughout California and Nevada, and will be expanding to other states throughout the nation this year.  Foodies can find all the audition information on,   Facebook, and Twitter.  Only two weeks away; its so exciting!  Are you sending

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Food Fun for a Cause

Ilianna and I had so much fun Saturday at the Sequoia Foodie Fest.  Located in the beautiful town of Exeter, California, this event raised money for the local Boys & Girls Club. Known as‘California’s Most Delicious Adventure”, the Foodie Fest showcases national and local celebrity chefs, with cooking demonstrations, contests, and food sampling.  Have you ever had pizza served in a bowl?  Well, Ilianna demonstrated this unusual but tasty treat, a kid favorite known as Pizza Salad.   Kids in the audience, Tony, Mollie, and Vanessa, helped out too!  Ilianna then served up a fresh Fruit Salsa not with tortilla chips, but with cinnamon sugar pita chips.  Delish! Now there’s a recipe to be sure your kids get the servings of fresh fruit into their daily diet.  You’ll find the Fruit Salsa recipe in Cookbook #5 and the Pizza Salad recipe in Cookbook #4.

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Our New Site is Deeeeee-licious!

I’m so excited for our new website launched in the fall.  Check out the  Child Chef’s page as the kids share some of their favorite things about being a cast member on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Laugh and chuckle at Farrah as she shows us all the important manners that our parents and grandparents have taught us from day one.  Meet PyRAMMID as he raps his most important nutrition information for each episode.  You’ll never look at the Food Guide Pyramid the same way.  Follow all the exciting moments behind the scenes, and take a look at the series as it continues to grow and reach a national audience.  Can’t wait to meet and talk with you along the way to fun foods and good times.

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