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Down the Rabbit Hole

Wow!  Robert and I went to the most amazing gourmet group last night.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  We had to climb through a Rabbit Hole, literally, to get to the party.  All recipes served were foods that Alice would have loved:  from cheese cubes that looked like Dice, to Lady Bug Appetizers, Fairy Tale Mushrooms, Cheshire Cat’s Cheese Whiskers, and Hedge Hog Sausage Rolls.  Lamb, (not rabbit) was served with Dill Fingerling Potatoes, Fresh Cucumber Salad and sparkling drinks with the words “Drink Me” printed on the labels.  For dessert Queen Alice, served up freshly baked Shortbread Crowns, Tea-Party Mice cookies, Jam Tarts, and Edible Teacups.  Of course dessert could not be served until the trial was complete –  three blasts from the trumpet sounded and the unrolled parchment-scroll was read aloud.  No wonder Alice had so much fun!   Loved it!

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