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Food Fun for a Cause

Ilianna and I had so much fun Saturday at the Sequoia Foodie Fest.  Located in the beautiful town of Exeter, California, this event raised money for the local Boys & Girls Club. Known as‘California’s Most Delicious Adventure”, the Foodie Fest showcases national and local celebrity chefs, with cooking demonstrations, contests, and food sampling.  Have you ever had pizza served in a bowl?  Well, Ilianna demonstrated this unusual but tasty treat, a kid favorite known as Pizza Salad.   Kids in the audience, Tony, Mollie, and Vanessa, helped out too!  Ilianna then served up a fresh Fruit Salsa not with tortilla chips, but with cinnamon sugar pita chips.  Delish! Now there’s a recipe to be sure your kids get the servings of fresh fruit into their daily diet.  You’ll find the Fruit Salsa recipe in Cookbook #5 and the Pizza Salad recipe in Cookbook #4.

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