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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a given that Valentine’s Day and chocolate are inseparable, making this a fun time of year to enjoy, learn, and taste everything chocolate.   The smooth, luscious taste and decadence of chocolate is irresistible.  Try this fun recipe with the kids and share with them a chocolate recipe that’s not only easy to make but also incorporates fresh fruits.  No need to have a fondue pot in the house to enjoy this Chocolate Fondue recipe.  In a small sauce pan, combine 3 squares semi-sweeten baking chocolate that has been chopped into small pieces, ½ cup half-n-half, 1/3 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.  Heat these simple ingredients on low for several minutes until smooth, velvety and thickened, then transfer to a small bowl.  Surround the bowl with fresh, canned, and dried fruits that you know your kids love.  Try strawberries, pears, mandarin oranges, raspberries, apricots, and apples.  Be creative and introduce some unusual fruits like Asian pears and baby bananas.  Delish!  A definite fun way to celebrate love and family togetherness.

Happy Valentine’sDay!

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