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Kathy’s Blog #4

This week’s recipe reflects its name exactly: Terrific Turkey Chili. Yes, this chili is terrific, incredibly healthy, and has a great story behind it too. The recipe was given to me by Mary Anne Burkman, Director of The Dairy Council of California. The Dairy Council of California has been a proud sponsor of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! for the past 5 seasons. As the show has grown so has The Dairy Council’s sponsorship, and marketing of the show. Mary Anne adds, “Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! demonstrates that cooking can be a shared family event, with families working together in preparing and sharing a meal.”

This year The Dairy Council will begin promoting Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! to educators and schools throughout the state with the help of their three supervisors, and 15 territory managers. As stated on their website “The Dairy Council of California provides programs for elementary, middle, and high schools, that are research based, and align with the California State Standards in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Health Education.”
Their website also features the companion website,, (this is where the Terrific Turkey Chili recipe came from). It’s a fantastic tool for moms, dads, and their kids to help with healthy meal planning, recipes, shopping lists and more. Mary Anne also says, “ is available to families to help make healthy meals happen, and using familiar ingredients that are often on hand.” Check it out when you get a chance. And as the cold winter evenings begin in your hometown, try the Terrific Turkey Chili recipe and tell me what you think.

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