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Today’s the big day!   Auditions for the 6th Season of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Are you bringing in your little foodie to join in the fun?  Here’s what Ilianna says about the show, “I love being a cast member on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! because it’s so much fun!  I’ve learned so many new foods and recipes, and made so many wonderful friends.  One thing I’ve learned is how to level foods when it’s in the measuring cup.  I absolutely love to cook because it’s so much fun to learn, make, and eat our new recipes.”

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Do your kids love to cook, love to talk about cooking, and know the names of basic kitchen ingredients and kitchen tools?  This is exciting news about our upcoming auditions for Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Currently our cast members are from all over the state of California including Visalia, Napa, and Sacramento.   The award-winning series is now beginning filming its sixth season with 16 brand new episodes.   The show airs throughout California and Nevada, and will be expanding to other states throughout the nation this year.  Foodies can find all the audition information on,   Facebook, and Twitter.  Only two weeks away; its so exciting!  Are you sending

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Food Fun for a Cause

Ilianna and I had so much fun Saturday at the Sequoia Foodie Fest.  Located in the beautiful town of Exeter, California, this event raised money for the local Boys & Girls Club. Known as‘California’s Most Delicious Adventure”, the Foodie Fest showcases national and local celebrity chefs, with cooking demonstrations, contests, and food sampling.  Have you ever had pizza served in a bowl?  Well, Ilianna demonstrated this unusual but tasty treat, a kid favorite known as Pizza Salad.   Kids in the audience, Tony, Mollie, and Vanessa, helped out too!  Ilianna then served up a fresh Fruit Salsa not with tortilla chips, but with cinnamon sugar pita chips.  Delish! Now there’s a recipe to be sure your kids get the servings of fresh fruit into their daily diet.  You’ll find the Fruit Salsa recipe in Cookbook #5 and the Pizza Salad recipe in Cookbook #4.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Wow!  Robert and I went to the most amazing gourmet group last night.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  We had to climb through a Rabbit Hole, literally, to get to the party.  All recipes served were foods that Alice would have loved:  from cheese cubes that looked like Dice, to Lady Bug Appetizers, Fairy Tale Mushrooms, Cheshire Cat’s Cheese Whiskers, and Hedge Hog Sausage Rolls.  Lamb, (not rabbit) was served with Dill Fingerling Potatoes, Fresh Cucumber Salad and sparkling drinks with the words “Drink Me” printed on the labels.  For dessert Queen Alice, served up freshly baked Shortbread Crowns, Tea-Party Mice cookies, Jam Tarts, and Edible Teacups.  Of course dessert could not be served until the trial was complete –  three blasts from the trumpet sounded and the unrolled parchment-scroll was read aloud.  No wonder Alice had so much fun!   Loved it!

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Our New Site is Deeeeee-licious!

I’m so excited for our new website launched in the fall.  Check out the  Child Chef’s page as the kids share some of their favorite things about being a cast member on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!  Laugh and chuckle at Farrah as she shows us all the important manners that our parents and grandparents have taught us from day one.  Meet PyRAMMID as he raps his most important nutrition information for each episode.  You’ll never look at the Food Guide Pyramid the same way.  Follow all the exciting moments behind the scenes, and take a look at the series as it continues to grow and reach a national audience.  Can’t wait to meet and talk with you along the way to fun foods and good times.

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Farrah on Manners Video

View all the Hey Kids Lets Cook videos by clicking HERE

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Hey Kids Photos

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Kathy’s Blog #4

This week’s recipe reflects its name exactly: Terrific Turkey Chili. Yes, this chili is terrific, incredibly healthy, and has a great story behind it too. The recipe was given to me by Mary Anne Burkman, Director of The Dairy Council of California. The Dairy Council of California has been a proud sponsor of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! for the past 5 seasons. As the show has grown so has The Dairy Council’s sponsorship, and marketing of the show. Mary Anne adds, “Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! demonstrates that cooking can be a shared family event, with families working together in preparing and sharing a meal.”

This year The Dairy Council will begin promoting Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! to educators and schools throughout the state with the help of their three supervisors, and 15 territory managers. As stated on their website “The Dairy Council of California provides programs for elementary, middle, and high schools, that are research based, and align with the California State Standards in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Health Education.”
Their website also features the companion website,, (this is where the Terrific Turkey Chili recipe came from). It’s a fantastic tool for moms, dads, and their kids to help with healthy meal planning, recipes, shopping lists and more. Mary Anne also says, “ is available to families to help make healthy meals happen, and using familiar ingredients that are often on hand.” Check it out when you get a chance. And as the cold winter evenings begin in your hometown, try the Terrific Turkey Chili recipe and tell me what you think.

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Kathy’s Blog #3

I just love going out into the community and meeting the viewers of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! This past Friday I had the opportunity to do just that at the Lucky Supermarket in San Bruno, California. Kaila tagged along and we demonstrated fruit salsa and pizza salad, then handed out samples to everyone who walked by. I was so excited to meet viewers Martha, Brandi, and Sally. Sally has two daughters ages 9 and 10. Sally says her kids “really enjoy the show and listen. They identify with the cast members, and watch to see which one is doing which job: the measuring, the cutting, and the stirring.” Sally added that “the show has great life skills.” Brandi has a 15 year old son who loves to cook, and they often cook complicated recipes together. Brandi shared that they “often take the Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! recipes, and add more things to them.” Brandi also added, “I think if you get more kids more involved and cooking in the kitchen, then they eat better”. Martha mentioned that she “just loves the children on the show. They seem like they’re really enjoying it, and it doesn’t seem like a chore, because they seem to be enthused and learning.” (I agree with Martha – the kids are really cute!) I’ll be out again with the kids this Sunday, October 17th at The Big Fresno Fair, 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at the Pavilion Stage. Hope to see you there!

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Kathy’s Blog #2

This week I want to give a big shout out to Save Mart Supermarkets.  With Save Mart Supermarket sponsorship and marketing support, Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! is now in it’s 5th season airing throughout California and Nevada.  Since 1952 a corporate goal for Save Mart Supermarket has been to work with communities and businesses that they serve.  In addition, “Save Mart’s giving is targeted towards children’s humanities, education, health needs, and food for children and families with children.  They are happy support and sponsor many major marketing events including:

  • Toyota/Save Mart 350
  • AMGEN Bicycle Tour of California
  • Thanksgiving Day Run to Feed the Hungry in Sacramento
  • Oakland Art & Soul Festival,
  • Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco
  • Sacramento Gold Rush Days
  • The Big Fresno Fair
  • & The California State Fair

 Be sure to check out their website and you will find money saving coupons, upcoming events, and information to help you plan your own meals, parties and special events.  A special thank you to Chairman and CEO – Bob Piccinini, and the whole team at Save Mart Supermarkets.

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