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Visalia Home Show – Cook-Off for Kids!

Hey we’re kicking off all the excitement of the upcoming Cook-Off for kids in Visalia, California on September 22nd.  For the past five years the Visalia Home Show has dedicated the entire Saturday to finalists showing off their cooking skills to the community.  A fantastic opportunity for kids of all ages to showcase their favorite, healthy creations with food.  Kids simply enter their recipe on-line, and a team of chefs lead by Chef Don Waddell, head of the Culinary Program at the Institute of Technology in Clovis, California, will choose finalists for two age brackets.  The finalists will actually have an “Assistant Chef” from the Institute to stand by them and assist them for the final competition.  If you live close to central California, get your kids to join in the fun now.  Cooking competitions are fun,  mouth-watering, and rewarding (lots of great prizes).  Kids love to be creative in the kitchen and this is a perfect time to inspire their creativity  Learn more:


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