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There are so many reasons here, but speaking as a mom of 3 daughters, two reasons are
always at the top of my list. First, getting kids involved in the kitchen and teaching them
how to cook is a basic life skill that kids need. Just as important as teaching them how to
read and do math problems, teaching kids how to cook will teach them the skills needed
to help fuel their bodies to promote healthy living throughout life. Another big reason
teaching kids how to cook is to promote family bonding and make memories that last.
Spending time in the kitchen, reading through recipes, measuring, cutting, stirring,
tasting, quickly turns into laughing, giggling, sharing stories from the day, solving
problems and making decisions. And of course, there are always dirty dishes to clean,
and spills to wipe up, but it’s always been worth it to me. One mom I just met said, “I
made pancakes with my son this morning and there was batter everywhere!”

And as long as a responsible adult supervises them, you can get kids started in the
kitchen as young as 3 years old. That’s when I started with my 3 daughters in the kitchen
with the very easiest and safest jobs. Giving kids a safe place to stand or sit in the
kitchen is vital. They just love to watch and emulate mommy and daddy and they will
want to tackle any task you allow them to try. Kids love to mix ingredients together at
this age and get big happy grins just stirring and stirring (as long as the ingredients are
not hot). Offer them kitchen tools that are comfortable to hold like wooden spoons and
rubber spatulas. Kids love to cook all the way through a recipe by the age of 7 or 8, and
they are able especially equipped because they know how to read and follow
instructions. You can give them actual steps to help complete the recipe and will be
ready to use small knives if you guide them through. This age also loves if you ask them
to help plan weekly family menu ideas too. By age 12 – 14 it’s time for their assigned
night to cook for the family during the week. Picking a quick, fast recipe is best so they
can feel successful, and the added responsibility won’t get in the way of homework. You
can foster their love by sharing recipes that are important to you. My daughters love
their great- great-grandmother’s persimmon pudding recipe. It’s great to hand down
these recipes from generation to generation and fun for the kids, too! So have fun in the
kitchen with the kids tonight!

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